Secs On The Mind?

By Becky Sharp
Secs on the mind?

Do you dread peeping into your email inbox after a weekend away? It can be bad enough coming back after a lunch break at times! All that time responding, crafting messages that encourage a response, it can sometimes seem that you’re just not able to be productive and get on with the tasks that matter in your business. And what about that computer crash and those lost documents? Don’t even go there. Well, don’t worry, help is at hand.

Running a business whether you’re an SME or a one wo/man band is tough enough without having to deal with the every day stuff that makes your business tick & tock – and that was before Covid-19. With the post-Covid world starting to blink its way out into the light again, it’s clear that a lot of businesses are being forced to evaluate their staffing, office leases and many other costs associated with the pre-Covid business world.

Now, we certainly aren’t looking to replace staff, indeed, we’ve also fallen victim ourselves to the fallout from Covid. As a consequence, we’ve taken all the skills we’ve accumulated over the years in the secretarial, telesales and business development world to revaluate and reposition and rebrand into Secs On The Beach, a Virtual Secretary, Assistant and Receptionist business with many associated, added value services, provided by our experienced and trustworthy staff.

At the peak of the pandemic, a quarter of all UK firms were closed temporarily according to one report. But how many of those firms will close for good or at least look to change their business models to adapt to the ‘new normal?’ We have seen the big retailers like John Lewis and Boots closing their doors to some of their stores, but what about the knock on effect for their suppliers and what about other non high street businesses whose industries have been hit? What does the future hold for them? We understand these problems and we’ve come up with a solution that will work for businesses, so they can concentrate on either growing their businesses or getting them back to full health without taking on all the extra associated costs of staff or offices.

Our team of Virtual Secretaries, Personal Assistants and Receptionists can help your business to rebuild and refocus on your core strengths post Covid. As well as traditional secretarial duties we also offer specialist legal and medical secretarial services and we use advanced and secure technology to ensure maximum cloud-based security at all times. Our Virtual PAs provide professional support with services from credit control to CRM management and lead generation, whilst our Virtual Receptionists are tailor-made to fit your business culture and tone whilst taking ad hoc calls or acting as your permanent switchboard. Whatever suits you best.

At Secs On The Beach we understand what it takes to run a small business. We’ve been doing it for years and our experience working with and across a broad range of sectors gives us a ‘front to back’ view on what it takes to succeed. We can help you bring back that elusive work / life balance that’s a major concern for many hard-working professionals. Too much time in the office can damage relationships as well as health. Secs On The Beach not only takes away the stress and hassle out of running your business, but we enable growth by freeing up your valuable time.

So if you’ve got Secs on the mind, give us a call…we can provide the therapy your business is looking for.

About the Author:

Becky Sharp
I have a genuine passion for businesses and am really ambitious and driven. Having personally been through the highs and lows of owning my own business I now feel I am in a great place to not only understand but help and support other business owners. I absolutely love dogs, cooking, eating out, an oyster or two, and a lovely glass of something.

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Secs on the mind?

Secs On The Mind?

Do you dread peeping into your email inbox after a weekend away? It can be bad enough coming back after a lunch break at times! …

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